Made in the USA, and made just for you.

RENOVA designs, engineers, manufactures, quality controls, assembles and ships custom commercial, architectural, industrial, custom lighting fixtures and retrofit kits from our facility in Massachusetts. That gives us total control over the entire process, from blank paper to finished product.

Having our own manufacturing facility means we can offer you more flexibility in design and service. We can collaborate with customers to incorporate their own ideas and suggestions. We can offer you new ideas and recommendations that don’t yet exist. Having our own facility also means we can deliver quickly and economically, reducing delays on standard product and custom solutions. Others just can’t react as quickly.

Another factor that sets us apart is the people behind our optics. It’s their expertise that enables us to design the lighting that others can’t, and their willingness to collaborate that enables us to solve your lighting challenges.


  • We’ve earned a reputation for service and quality, bringing repeat customers and glowing referrals.
  • We don’t design until we understand exactly what customers are looking for, asking questions upfront to develop a better solution.
  • We work with utilities, contractors, distributors and facilities customers alike, starting every project by assessing goals and problems. Then we produce what you need.

And of course:

  • Our highly experienced lighting designers create precisely engineered optical designs.
  • Our deep expertise in reflector technology enables us to maximize light output, converting wattage to maximum lumens for optimal efficiency.
  • We employ cutting-edge technology to evaluate photometric properties, allowing us to maximize luminaire efficiency and adjust light distribution.
  • We test every product for return on investment (ROI).

The result: the best quality product with the optimal illumination for a competitive price.

Energy efficiency is the core around which we built RENOVA. Formed in the mid-seventies after the energy crisis, our goal is to help you shed electrical load with optimal lumen distribution and quality of illumination. Today, lighting accounts for approximately 18 percent* of the country’s total electricity consumption. With an overtaxed electrical grid, dependence on foreign oil and scarce resources, it’s time to be smarter about energy use with smart lighting and smart choices.

*Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

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