(NVT) Narrow Vapor Tight

The Narrow Vapor Tight (NVT) Series has been developed for all dust, damp/wet, vapor proof, cold weather and outdoor applications. Fixture can be surface (wall or ceiling), pendent, chain or cable mounted. This series utilizes computer designed reflector technology for optimal fixture efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and improved quality of light. It also provides instant-on operation and offers many other energy saving options.


Typical applications for this type of product are interior and exteriorspaces where dust, moisture and vapor infiltration must be avoided. Applications include:

  • Parking Garages, Car Washes, Shipping Docks and Outdoor Locations
  • Government / Industrial Facilities, Gas Stations and Subways
  • Swimming Pool Facilities and Locker / Shower Rooms
  • Food and Drug Handling Areas, Public Areas and Commercial Kitchens

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