DLC Approved Products

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Retrofit Kits

RENOVA works as a team with project managers and distributors, taking your challenge to heart to develop a lighting product that’s the best value in the long term.


RENOVA luminaires are designed to dramatically improve energy efficiency and quality of light using the latest technologies.

Custom Design

Having our own manufacturing facility means we can offer you more flexibility in design and service. We can collaborate with customers to incorporate their own ideas and suggestions. We can offer you new ideas and recommendations that don’t yet exist.


RENOVA offers a broad range of lighting systems.  Whether utility luminaires for the back rooms or architectural luminaires for the lobbies, offices and other public areas, RENOVA has the appropriate lighting solutions for you.

Research & Development

We employ cutting-edge technology to evaluate photometric properties, allowing us to maximize luminaire efficiency and adjust light distribution, and we test every product for return on investment (ROI).