(LFP) LED Flat Panel 2×4

(LFP) LED Flat Panel 2×4


The LED Flat Panel Series (LFP) recessed luminaire family represents the latest development in edge-lit thin panel lighting technology. This type of Solid-State Lighting (SSL) technology is used to create a luminaire that produces light that appears consistent to the human eye across the diffuser panel. Light is transmitted from an LED array to the edges of the light guide and is re-directed within the light guide (through internal reflection within entire volume of medium) to insure that the light radiates from the front face of the light guide and through the light emitting diffuser. Light guides are highly engineered and designed using proprietary technology which ensures high efficiency, forward light emission and uniformity. Light emitted by the LEDs are guided by total internal reflection through the entire volume of the medium and then finally emitted from the light emitting diffuser of the luminaire. RENOVA’s “LFP” Series luminaires have become increasingly popular in office lighting environments due to its delivery of high quality illumination as assessed by parameters such as lumen output (intensity), CRI (color rendering index) and VCP (Visual Comfort Parameter) / UGR (Unified Glare Rating). Other attributes with this type of luminaire include thin profile and streamlined design. Applications include:

• Commercial/Corporate Office Spaces
• Retail Spaces, Public Spaces and Airports
• Schools, Colleges and Universities
• Hospitals, Government Facilities and Military Bases

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